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CareAlign Platform

CareAlign Connects to any EHR to improve clinical workflows & patient care

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EHRs were developed with the right intent – to give providers access to critical data and the ability to create & easily read documentation, while enabling more accurate billing for services by capturing diagnosis in a digital format. However, in practice - EHRs are missing a big piece of the puzzle: clinical workflows. Leaving clinicians to rely on printed notes from the EHR for patient care. Find out how CareAlign works with any EHR to cut documentation time in half while improving your CMI, reducing preventable errors and increasing HCAHPS Scores.

Improve billing

As much as 1% of net charges are lost due to charge integrity leakage. With CareAlign, clinicians electronically capture more diagnosis that would otherwise be lost on paper lists. At a large, academic health system, with a fully functioning CDI team, CareAlign increased billing by $480 per admission through improved CMI - translating to millions in additional revenue.

Reduced Errors

Data shows that 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between care teams. CareAlign improves team collaboration and handoffs by bringing the entire care team together in a single platform and incorporating evidence based practices into a digital workspace. 75% of users have reported that CareAlign has prevented errors in their practice.

Improve HCAHPS

HCAHPS scores impact a hospital’s reputation and reimbursement. CareAlign improves collaboration so the entire team is on the same page and can provide better patient care. CareAlign users have seen 9% increase in HCAHPS scores since using the platform.

CareAlign Platform

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