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Care Angel Platform

Offer the highest quality remote care monitoring and management

Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Care Angel Platform is an innovative solution that offers remote care monitoring and management to meet the needs of high-needs patients and large at-risk populations. This platform aligns data and advanced analytics, care coordination, patient and clinician engagement into a best in breed enterprise platform.

With Care Angel, users can effectively tailor communications and orchestrate appropriate interventions quickly, easily, and efficiently without disruption to existing workflows. The platform is HITRUST certified and compliant with HIPAA and TCPA regulations, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for patient data.

One of the standout features of Care Angel is its robust data optics, which drive real-time interventions and patient well-being. The platform is equipped with care algorithms, dynamic, intelligent care plans, and surveys, making it possible to provide tailored care plans for patients in 73 different languages with diverse care plans and dynamic care pathways.

The Care Angel dashboard is designed to display crucial data and archive population and patient data, allowing for seamless collaboration and data exchange with care teams. The platform can also be integrated seamlessly with EMR to share data across the enterprise.

Care Angel’s intelligent, data-driven approach helps users never miss a care opportunity and achieve faster resolution. Live transfer options based on risk identification are also available. The platform reduces costs, supports revenue retention, and improves outcomes, making it a valuable asset for healthcare providers and organizations looking to improve their care delivery.

The Care Angel Platform is a unified, intelligent, and data-driven solution that offers the highest quality remote care monitoring and management for high-needs patients and at-risk populations. Its ability to provide personalized care plans, its robust data optics, and seamless collaboration make it a standout platform in the healthcare industry.

Care Angel Platform

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