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Value Based Care Accountable Care Organizations

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Value-based care models, such as ACOs, are expected to replace a majority of traditional fee-for-service payment models. Fee-for-service rewarded providers for every service performed which often prompted unnecessary tests and procedures resulting in higher-than-necessary costs and duplicative services. Value-based care has continued to demonstrate a lower cost methodology to delivering higher quality health care and incentivize providers by offering bonuses when costs are minimized, and preventive care and chronic disease management benchmarks are met.

ACOs provide a sustainable path to support primary care transformation by focusing on prevention and delivering appropriate care in the right settings. By joining an ACO with Caravan Health, your organization will implement a proven model of care to reach quality improvement goals, reduce costs, and mitigate risk by bringing greater focus to population health management - keeping your patients healthy even when they aren’t in your hospital.

Caravan Health has pioneered the collaborative ACO, a larger ACO that provides the best protection against downside risk. In a Caravan Health ACO, you band together with other independent health systems to get the benefits of scale. We build ACOs larger than 100,000 lives that can mitigate the normal fluctuations in performance. The data prove that a larger ACO has less variation.

Caravan’s partner ACOs generate new revenue streams using Caravan’s award-winning technology, Caravan Coach, to engage patients, improve preventive care and optimize bonus and incentive programs including the 340B drug discount program. Caravan clients lead the nation by outperforming benchmarks which results in achieving more in shared savings, reporting industry-leading MIPS scores, and capturing more 340B savings while maintaining compliance using Caravan’s technology.

Caravan Health ACO Success

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