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Know when your devices are under attack

Medical Device Security Cybersecurity

Do you know anyone using Canary?

Every software stack is affected by vulnerabilities from time to time. Canary allows you to assess the behavior of affected devices to determine if an attacker has exploited a vulnerability.

Canary captures data describing medical device behavior in near real-time and alerts you if your device is behaving abnormally. This allows you to respond to incidents proactively.


Forensically-Sound Evidence Capture:

Granular event data creates a record of device behavior, used in real-time or in the future.

Intrusion Detection:

Receive alerts if your devices appear to be under attack, allowing you to intervene before patients are impacted.

Improved Incident Response:

Records of device behavior allow you to determine if a vulnerability has been exploited in your device.

No PHI Collection:

Security event metadata includes no PHI, and devices can report event data without needing inbound access from the internet.