CAM™ Patch

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CAM™ Patch

Generate superior diagnostic yield with a P-wave-centric cardiac patch monitor

Cardiology Chronic Care Management Wearables Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor - or CAM™ - is a lightweight, bandage-size cardiac patch monitor engineered to capture low amplitude, low-frequency electrical signals that form the P-wave. This focus on the P-wave is a major advancement for cardiologists and cardiac rhythm specialists to aid in diagnosing arrhythmia.

The CAM patch is designed to be accurate, promote patient compliance, streamline clinical workflow, and yield clinically actionable data.

A cardiac patch monitor that benefits patients, clinicians, and physicians:


A slim, hourglass shape is comfortable during extended wear for all patients.


Single-use device design paired with a flexible patient management and registration portal.


Unique and proprietary report format is focused on clinically actionable data.

Meticulously designed to advance data collection and elevate patient care:

P-wave Specificity:

Integrated, scalable architecture optimizes visualization of P-wave morphology and its relationship to the QRS interval.

CAM™ Patch

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