C Spire Remote Patient Monitoring

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C Spire Remote Patient Monitoring

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Remote Patient Monitoring

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What is Remote Patient Monitoring? C Spire Remote Patient Monitoring offers proactive care to help prevent life-threatening, costly health episodes. Nurses check vitals and run patients through disease-specific analysis – all while keeping primary care physicians advised and in control of patients' wellbeing.

  • 97% patient satisfaction
  • 90% patient compliance
  • 90+ condition-specific clinical pathways

How It Works


Connect with patients using today’s consumer and medical devices.


Engage with patients through captivating and intuitive programs.


Educate patients with current, relevant and informative content.


Guide patient behavior with outcomes-based clinical pathways.


Monitor and stay alert on patient biometrics, activity and progress.


Intervene with patients over messaging, video or calls when needed.

C Spire Remote Patient Monitoring