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Bridgewater Hospital at Home

At Bridgewater Home Care we provide a well-regarded hospital at home service, working closely with NHS organisations and charities

Hospital at Home

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Hospital at home allows for all other personal needs to be cared for, in conjunction with the specific medical attention or treatments required. During periods of recovery from a short term injury or illness, it may not always be necessary to stay in hospital. Hospital at home affords individuals the opportunity to recuperate and be cared for in the comfort of their own home whilst receiving the same level of care they would from being in hospital environment.

This type of care is also aimed at being a client and family centred service, enabling family members to stay up to date with the care of a loved one and working closely with both Care Specialist and medical professionals. It also allows family members to visit more frequently and often can help individuals with a more effective recovery.

The integrated service we provide at Bridgewater Home Care enables clients to continue living at home, receiving day to day support from a Care Specialist whilst having all the necessary medical needs and medications provided by the medical professionals.


  • Admissions into hospital can frequently result in detrimental side effects to one’s health and wellbeing. Often, patients in hospitals can become exposed to harm from other infections or illnesses, and hospital admissions can often be a distressing and stressful experience for most older people and their families.

  • With a hospital at home service the individuals maintain their privacy and dignity from the comfort of a calm, familiar environment. It is also a much less intrusive form of care as there no sharing of living space whilst undergoing treatment.

  • It is often observed that hospital at home support can have much more positive health care outcomes for both the client and their family members. It can afford patients the opportunity to have better quality sleep, aiding better recovery, as well as access to a tailored, nutritious diet.

  • Often those receiving a hospital at home service access care more efficiently and more quickly. Hospital consultations can often involve a lot of waiting time, and sometimes patients can see a variety of health care professionals before they access the care they need.

  • At Bridgewater Home Care® we offer a tailored service, liaising with the relevant medical professionals that deliver care to the individual’s home, eliminating the need for various hospital visits and causing as little disruption to normal life as possible.

  • Our hospital at home service also allows for a better quality of daily life, improved comfort and ultimately a happier individual. Clients are able to spend more time with their Care Specialist with minimal disruption to the existing care they receive.

Bridgewater Hospital at Home

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