Bonzun IVF Application


Bonzun IVF Application

World's first complete IVF system

Personal Health Tools and Tracking

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Bonzun’s new IVF system is the first complete system and service in the world that follows, supports and guides the IVF patient through the whole process of conceiving a baby. The service is exclusive for our selected IVF clinics and their patients. Bonzun IVF is filled with all information and features needed for a successful IVF treatment. All content and features are strictly evidence-based and validated in collaboration with IVF physicians, researchers, psychologists, and fertility experts.

Its Features are:

  • Medication tracker with daily reminders
  • Unique and individualized IVF journey
  • Common discomforts during IVF
  • Emotional & psychological support
  • What to expect during IVF
Bonzun IVF Application