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Blue Prism® Intelligent Automation

Transforming patient experience with intelligent automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Process Automation

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Healthcare networks face pressure to deliver personalized patient-centric health management while also reducing the cost of care. Clinicians devote their lives to focused patient care and human relationships. However, constant procedural, technological, and regulatory changes force humans to act as administrative robots.

From appointment setting to patient registration, employee HR services, and clinical trial management, our RPA platform supports the healthcare industry in providing more efficient, higher quality care to patients worldwide.


Transform the Patient Experience

  • Reduce visit wait times on arrival and discharge.
  • Proactively engage patients with treatment plan updates.

Enable Integrated Care

  • Bridge system gaps that hinder visibility and transparency across healthcare stakeholders.
  • Provide a single view of patient data through the aggregation of records.

Transform Operations

  • Develop smarter, more efficient ways of processing data.
  • Streamline revenue cycles and drive financial efficiencies.
Blue Prism® Intelligent Automation