Bittium Faros™ - Cardiac Monitoring


Bittium Faros™ - Cardiac Monitoring

Waterproof ECG devices for early detection of cardiac abnormalities

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Bittium Faros™ Waterproof ECG Devices:

Every cardiac abnormality needs to be detected before it can be treated. Whether it is an asymptomatic, paroxysmal, or post-surgery abnormality, it requires a reliable device with a clear and accurate ECG signal.

For some arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, it is often necessary to measure the ECG for multiple days. The more data your device can gather, the higher probability you have in detecting these events.

Innovative 4-in-1 Technology:

Bittium Faros brings the latest 4-in-1 ECG technology to the market in a lightweight, waterproof, and smoothly designed form with superior signal quality.


In addition to being precise, Bittium Faros sensors are very easy to use and comfortable to wear. Select the optimal setup with our patented mounting options: measure ECG discreetly under clothing with disposable snap-on electrodes or with the unique Bittium FastFix™ wearable patch electrode.

Bittium Faros™ - Cardiac Monitoring