Bitdefender Cybersecurity Solutions

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Bitdefender Cybersecurity Solutions

Suppress cyber attacks targeting medical data with Bitdefender's industry-leading solutions


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At Bitdefender, we focus on helping you protect EHRs/EMRs against sophisticated attacks without burdening on your IT department.

Changes in the treat landscape in terms of the attack surface, threats and challenges brought forward by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the demand in remote services for patients and physicians, increased the complexity for IT security departments in healthcare.


Protect Patient Data

Make the most of your IT security budget with Bitdefender’s powerful product suite, specifically engineered for healthcare organizations. Effectively handle new healthcare security challenges to maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI, or NIST and avoiding regulatory sanctions.

Protect Your Entire Range of Medical Devices

Unlike traditional security solutions, Bitdefender covers specialized medical equipment. Protect your long-term investment in connected insulin pumps, MRIs, and other medical devices with Bitdefenders comprehensive security suite.

Bitdefender Cybersecurity Solutions