Biobeat - Hospital at Home


Biobeat - Hospital at Home

Our system can help reduce hospital re-admissions in addition to providing a preventative care plan which reduces patient recovery time

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Especially in times of global pandemics, the world is required to adjust and implement home monitoring solutions. Biobeat tailors to a variety of use-cases, from post-discharge home monitoring, home-hospitalizations and remote patient monitoring.

Our platform enables medical-grade monitoring of an unlimited number of patients. Patients receive either the wrist-monitor or the chest-monitor paired with a mobile application that is IOS and Android compatible for use at home. The patient is admitted to the web platform by their health care provider. In this way, their vitals can be tracked and monitored, triggering alerts according to customisable thresholds in order to provide timely intervention before clinical deterioration occurs.

The system provides the supporting data required for comprehensive decision making and medical intervention and allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance.

Biobeat - Hospital at Home

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