Behavioral Health Integration In Primary Care

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Behavioral Health Integration In Primary Care

The WeCounsel platform helps primary care practices integrate BHI initiatives through our network of telebehavioral specialists

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Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) in primary care is a growing initiative. It is the best large-scale solution for addressing mental health access. BHI is the one solution that can increase access and open up the largest group of providers to patients.

WeCounsel’s secure platform and expansive Telebehavioral Health Network can implement BHI in any primary care group. WeCounsel understands that quality partnerships are the key to moving healthcare innovation forward.

Reduce Non-Compliance:

It is widely documented that one of the largest inhibitors to chronic care patient compliance is addressing mental health comorbidity. Improve outcomes by integrating WeCounsels telebehavioral health network.

Increase Access:

Primary care physicians are the central point of care for most patient populations. BHI represents the greatest opportunity for solving behavioral access.

Behavioral Health Integration In Primary Care