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BDx Connect

Streamline your analysis of ECG data generated by each patient's patch monitor

PCM (Patient Care Management) Chronic Care Management #telehealth

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BDxCONNECT is the companion patient management system to the CAM™ patch, providing healthcare professionals with a single system for creating, accessing, and managing patient CAM reports.

With a user-friendly registration process and visibility into report status at every stage, BDxCONNECT handles data management, so you can focus on providing superior care.

Improve Clinical Workflow:

Streamlined patient management portal enables clinicians to input and retrieves data quickly.

Share Information Securely:

Defined user privileges and security settings ensure that specific individuals in a healthcare network can only access relevant patient reports.

Accelerate Diagnoses:

Priority and STAT assignations, instant in-house analysis tools, and an industry-leading report turnaround time.

Intuitive Interface:

Quickly register patients with streamlined, efficient data entry processes during the application of the patch monitor.

BDx Connect