Baton - Hospital Price Transparency Solutions

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Baton - Hospital Price Transparency Solutions

Fully managed and hosted online price lists for shoppable services

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Our secure software applications ensure that you achieve and maintain compliance with HHS 45 CFR Subchapter E price transparency regulations. Offload the burden, stop burning unnecessary dollars on FTEs, and give patients something they can use with ease.

We provide you with a custom and white-labeled website compliant with all requirements of the 2020 CMS Price Transparency mandate. The cloud-based platform is mobile-optimized, searchable, sortable, and filterable, improving upon the format required by CMS in Table 2 of the Final Rule.

Baton integrates directly with your EHR platform, and Epic users can install our app Orchard software in virtually one click. We aggregate and analyze your pricing data, so you don’t have to.

Baton - Hospital Price Transparency Solutions