Bardy Diagnostics: Coding & Reimbursement

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Bardy Diagnostics: Coding & Reimbursement

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CPT® Codes:

Current Procedures Terminology (CPT) codes describe the medical, surgical, and diagnostic services provided to the patient. The following information includes the commonly billed physician codes for cardiac monitoring services/procedures.

This is not a comprehensive list of all available codes, and there may be a more appropriate code for any given service/procedure.

93224 (Global) - Electrocardiographic monitoring for 48 hours by continuous original ECG waveform recording and storage, with visual superimposition scanning; includes recording, scanning analysis with report, physician review, and interpretation.

93225 - Recording (includes hook-up, recording, and disconnection).

93226 - Scanning analysis with report.

93227 - Physician review and interpretation.

Bardy Diagnostics: Coding & Reimbursement