Azure API for FHIR

Microsoft Azure

Azure API for FHIR

Easily create and deploy a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources service for health data solutions

#FHIR Application Programming Interface (API)

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Manage Health Data in the Cloud:

Rapidly exchange data in the HL7 FHIR standard format with a single, simplified data management solution for protected health information (PHI). Azure API for FHIR lets you quickly connect existing data sources, such as electronic health record systems and research databases. Create new opportunities with analytics, machine learning and actionable intelligence across your health data.

  • Provision your fully managed, enterprise-grade FHIR service in the cloud in less than five minutes.
  • Securely manage all protected health data (PHI) in Azure through FHIR APIs.
  • Accelerate machine learning, data analytics, and operational outcomes.
  • Enable secure exchange of health data within a global infrastructure.
Azure API for FHIR