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Aviacode Medical Coding

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Medical Coding

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Aviacode is a true outsourced coding partner that takes the time to understand your unique medical coding solutions requirements by providing the right resources. In doing so, we ensure that you are getting guaranteed quality and support with the right resources and management team that is there for you.

Aviacode contractually guarantees medical coding solutions accuracy to give peace of mind. We deliver this guarantee through the following:

  • Certified Coders - AAPC or AHIMA certified with the years of experience desired by our clients.
  • Specialty-focused coders - Knowledgeable coders for each specialty.
  • Proprietary QA Process - Ongoing quality assurance process and reports for coding management to minimize risk and optimize revenue.

We will get your medical coding done quickly. After getting EMR access, we usually begin within 2-4 weeks. Our coding turnaround is typically two business days.

Aviacode Medical Coding