Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics

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Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics

With predictive scheduling, your organization will enjoy better schedules sooner, save money resulting in a better patient experience

Predictive Analytics

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With healthcare predictive analytics from Avantas, the schedule needs forecasts start 120 days in advance of the shift. These forecasts of how many and what types of staff youll need (and where youll need them) are updated weekly. More predictable schedules result in happier staff, time savings for managers, and much less reliance on last-minute incentives and agency.

This flexible online tool is key for effective workforce planning. It provides metrics and schedule outcomes to tell the story of your performance and illustrate opportunities to better use your staff.


  • Explore patterns, determine root causes, and glean actionable insights.
  • View key metrics to track against goals.
  • Analyze core and contingency staff utilization.
  • Drill down for nuanced and trending analysis.
  • Toggle between operational and financial drivers.
Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics