Avalon EHR for iPad & iPhone

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Avalon EHR for iPad & iPhone

Your patient information, anywhere at any time

Mobile Health (mHealth) EHR (Electronic Health Record)

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Performance, Reliability & Security:

Unlike complicated EHRs that have hidden physician-patient engagement, Avalon is a platform for the future. Avalon was designed with one thing in mind: Our providers convenience and ease of use. It’s innovative architecture is built for doctors who want to move swiftly through their day without being tied to a room. With Avalon, documenting is no more a hassle.

Everything you Need, Anywhere you Need it:

Synchronized with CureMD EHR, you will be able to run your practice on the go. Avalon lets you:

  • Document Images
  • Verify Eligibility
  • Create Demographics
  • Create New Patient Records
  • Dictate through Siri
  • ePrescribe
  • Schedule Patients
  • Review clinical records
Avalon EHR for iPad & iPhone