Asimily IoMT Solutions


Asimily IoMT Solutions

Healing the devices that heal

Healthcare IoT Security

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Asimily’s IoMT risk remediation platform holistically secures the mission-critical healthcare devices that deliver safe and reliable care.


Inventory Every Thing

See every device and correctly classify every device – in your healthcare organization. With a non-invasive approach to inventorying, Asimily discovers and classifies every healthcare device in the healthcare environment, medical, IoT, and non-medical.

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Identify, evaluate, and prioritize vulnerabilities for all healthcare devices. Asimily generates healthcare-specific risk scores based on exploitability, configuration, clinical workflow, and context, so the user can understand vulnerabilities that are critical to the business, patient, and data.

Remediate Vulnerabilities

Every healthcare provider is different. But with our experience and access to the largest database of IoMT devices, Asimily provides actionable intelligence for vulnerabilities, so you can prioritize, mitigate and manage vulnerability in a way that ensures safety of the provider, patient and technology.

Detect & Protect

Keep your healthcare infrastructure healthy. Detect anomalies from baseline device behavior and set policies to detect unusual or unwanted behavior. With Asimily, receive alerts anytime intrusion is detected or anomalous behavior occurs.

Asimily IoMT Solutions