Arcardia: Population Health Management Platform

Arcardia: Population Health Management Platform

Our market-leading population health management platform enables success in value-based care

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We solve the difficult problems inherent in creating reliable assets that ensure success. Our goal is to produce actionable insights in real-time, and our two decades of experience embodies a unique ability to aggregate rich, useful data with great skill and accuracy.

We extract data directly from an EHR’s data store and combine it at the patient level with adjudicated claims data and other valuable data sources.

The Arcadia Analytics Population Health Platform is best-in-class big data. Cloud-based, HIPPA-compliant, and powerful. The result is more data, more complex interfaces, more parallel data sources more quickly than any other platform.

  • Flexible platform for containerized, data-intensive applications.

  • Production-proven - reliable, automated, secure and cost-effective.

  • Best-in-class technology leveraged by leaders such as Twitter, eBay, Airbnb, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Uber, Yelp, and others.

Arcardia: Population Health Management Platform