Anelto Remote Patient Monitoring

Anelto, Inc.

Anelto Remote Patient Monitoring

Reduce health concerns for high-risk patients by limiting exposure to other patient illnesses

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Anelto’s goal is to help seniors thrive by creating better resources for physicians to connect and communicate with their patients.


  • RPM gives patients greater access to care outside of conventional clinical settings.
  • Through proactive healthcare monitoring, RPM improves patient health outcomes, reducing ER visits and the length of hospital stays.
  • Improve the quality of patient care by increasing physician knowledge of patient needs and creating a more effective healthcare environment.
  • Prevent physician burnout and increase work capacity by maximizing physician knowledge of patients while reducing time spent on follow-up appointments.
  • Better chronic care management to reduce flare-ups and exacerbation.
  • Increase patient education about their health and empower them to feel more engaged in their treatment plan.
Anelto Remote Patient Monitoring