AMC Health Remote Patient Monitoring

Advanced Monitored Caregiving, Inc.

AMC Health Remote Patient Monitoring

Transforming Healthcare delivery, Enabling Access to Care, and improving member experience and outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring

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AMC Health’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a transformative healthcare delivery system that enables access to care while improving member experience and outcomes. The RPM 2.0 Platform is FDA Class II cleared and clinically proven to provide real-time data and actionable analytics.

For patients with Asthma and COPD, RPM can help reduce the use of rescue inhalers resulting in fewer symptoms and a better quality of life. Additionally, AMC Health’s RPM solutions can identify and monitor high-risk patients to reduce preventable hospital readmissions, improving communication and providing more timely access to care while reducing costs.

For patients with Cancer, AMC Health’s remote monitoring devices track vital patient information that doctors can review and use to make treatment changes and updates. This information includes important vitals and activity data captured in real-time by the care team. RPM also reduces stigma, minimizes healthcare system navigation, and eliminates barriers to care, making it a necessary and promising model for providing care to people with HIV.

AMC Health offers the latest in RPM programs for a wide variety of mental health conditions, keeping patients/members connected with their clinical teams. The Remote Maternity Care Program is tailored to safely monitor mom and baby using mobile devices to identify, predict, and prevent health risks. For newborns requiring extra support, AMC Health provides advanced remote patient monitoring solutions.

RPM solutions for general wellness, weight loss, and other programs are also available. AMC Health emphasizes health education and literacy, key features to successful remote patient monitoring programs. Medication reconciliation and optimization is made easier by monitoring medication adherence and providing visibility to drive necessary interventions. Finally, visual inspection of wounds and wound care progress can help prevent infections through early interventions and reduce costly readmissions. Post-discharge monitoring using interactive voice response system reduces 30-day readmission rates, improving care coordination, patient outcomes, and reducing hospitalizations.

AMC Health Remote Patient Monitoring

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