An app for current asthma or heart failure patients at participating healthcare providers.

#CareApps Disease Management

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AMAZE™ Health Management app lets you access your protected health information and gives your doctor better insight into the ups and downs of living with either asthma or heart failure. Once you log into the app, you’ll get a custom experience for your health condition. This app gives you the tools and education to track, manage, and make shared decisions with your doctor. The app works best with continued, daily use so that your doctor can make the best health decisions for you.

How to Use It?

Daily Log:

Each day, you can complete a log which asks about your symptoms, medication use, ER and urgent care visits, vitals, and more! Your daily log answers are automatically shared with your care team so they know how you are doing between doctor appointments. It takes just a few minutes each day to share invaluable information about your health condition with your care team.