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The AltuMED PracticeFit is a software designed to assist healthcare providers in the financial aspect of their practice. The software conducts thorough checks on the financial eligibility of patients, running their insurance’s analysis and monitoring discrepancies, with the capability of scrubbing errors in the data submitted. The software also has the ability to verify patient financials, work on denied or lost claims, and includes a follow-up feature for appeals. The system also includes a feature that warns if a claim could be denied and takes corrective actions to prevent it, as well as the capability of tracking and appealing for lost or denied claims. It guides the user on what actions to take to maximize reimbursements, bringing a smart revenue cycle management (RCM) process that is integrated, coherent and systematic, in which all the activities from the start till the end of a claim lifetime are monitored, guided, controlled, and recorded for efficiency and effectiveness.

The software also monitors and manages the workflow throughout the life cycle of every claim being processed, gauging and improving productivity in a synchronized, intelligent, and systematic way. It allows the software administrator to have a comprehensive view of what the other users are working on and thus can assign tasks smartly without overloading any one employee. The AI-based automated solution not only enhances the per-employee productivity but also allows a clear picture of the activities being carried out, capable of running predictive analysis with actionable data on clicks. Complementing the skills of the biller, preventing late filing and staffing issues, it’s not just the automation that gives right to efficiency, it’s the way the system operates that instills productivity in the processes.

AltuMED PracticeFit

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