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A simple, automated & integrated patient messaging system that anyone in your practice can use

Patient Engagement/ PHR/Portals Interactive Patient Systems

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Our patient messaging software lets you automatically send text & email messages. It is our simplest way to send relevant messages that delight patients & sell more services. Send the right message to the right patient at the right time to boost revenue & improve patient satisfaction.

Messaging Software That Lets You Customize the Message & Segment Your Patients

Select which patients receive texts & which receive emails by choosing from existing criteria or create a new set. There are many different fields available, including patient demographics, insurance, diagnosis codes, and more. You can segment patients by active/inactive status, geography, diagnosis code, birthday/age, and insurance.

Review, Finalize & Send Your Message

Once you have created a campaign, you can review the start date, audience, and message. You can navigate forward and backward through each step to make modifications before you finalize and send your message.