Adherium's Hailie® Solution

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Adherium's Hailie® Solution

Adherium's Hailie® solution is the world's most clinically supported asthma medication adherence solution.

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Adherium’s Hailie® solution is a cloud-based platform which captures medication use data from FDA-cleared Bluetooth® enabled sensors which wrap around patient inhalers and provide real-time feedback to patients via the Hailie® app and to their physicians via the Hailie® portal. Monitoring inhaled medication adherence / compliance with timely intervention, supports the reduction in severity and frequency of exacerbations and the associated hospital admissions, improving outcomes and quality of life, while reducing the resource burden and health system costs in managing these patient populations.

The Hailie® solution is independently shown to:

  • Increase adherence to preventative medication by 180% in children and 59% in adults.
  • Reduce severe exacerbations in adults by 60%.
  • Contribute to significant improvements in quality of life for people with chronic asthma.
Adherium's Hailie® Solution