AccuReg Registration Quality Assurance


AccuReg Registration Quality Assurance

Patient Registration Quality Assurance automatically audits 100% of patient registrations to save time and money

Patient Access

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EngageCare Registration Quality Assurance increases patient registration accuracy by using software and a proprietary rules engine to automatically audit 100 percent of your patient registrations, identifying hundreds of types errors. Real-time alerts on registrar’s work queues flag accounts that need corrections and deliver clear instructions to registrars of how to correct errors and submit clean claims.


  • Automatically validate all patient, guarantor and subscriber addresses against the USPS database

  • Use an intelligent guided registration process to provide hospital staff with specific scripting to correct issues

  • Re-audit registrations after any changes and receive alerts to warn if any updated information is still incorrect

  • Issue high priority alerts to designate urgent issues that will cause payment denial

  • Flag accounts with errors for easy access

  • Suggest specific training criteria to help increase registration accuracy

AccuReg Registration Quality Assurance