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ABOUT Healthcare Orchestration Engine

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The Healthcare Orchestration Engine by ABOUT is a powerful solution designed to streamline patient transition operations and logistics across healthcare systems. At the core of the solution is a centralized and predictive Orchestration Engine that standardizes and optimizes transitions of care, regardless of the care setting.

In addition to its Orchestration Engine, ABOUT delivers strategic and operational decision support with analytics and reporting. The solution’s reporting capabilities make it easy to make data useful and actionable through real-time dashboards, providing insights into trends and advising on best practices to improve performance.

With Analytics and Actionable Insights, ABOUT helps healthcare systems identify trends and provide insights, advising on best practices to improve performance. This information enables healthcare systems to gain actionable insights into how their access centers are performing and make informed decisions.

The solution’s Integration Hub provides streamlined workflows and easy-to-use interfaces, including seamless integrations with critical data sources and systems like EHR, ADT, CC&C platforms, CAD systems, and call recording. This integration helps healthcare systems get more out of their existing resources.

Orchestration Engine Integrations & Interfaces include patient information integration, physician credentialing integration, pre-registration data integration, patient clinical documentation via direct messaging, call recording integration, bed management, and admission/discharge transfer (ADT). These integrations provide a comprehensive view of patient transfers and discharge, enabling virtual centralized management and automation of all aspects of patient transfers and referrals.

The Healthcare Orchestration Engine by ABOUT standardizes patient transition logistics to the optimal care setting, load balancing, and distributing demand across service lines and facilities, and achieving the right patient mix. Additionally, ABOUT facilitates transportation coordination into healthcare systems and to post-acute and behavioral health care settings to efficiently transition patients to the best setting of care.

In summary, the Healthcare Orchestration Engine by ABOUT is an efficient, comprehensive, and streamlined solution for healthcare systems to manage patient transitions and referrals. Its reporting and analytics capabilities, integration hub, and standardized patient transition logistics make it a valuable tool for healthcare system decision-makers.

ABOUT Healthcare Orchestration Engine

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