ABBYY Digital Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation


ABBYY Digital Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation

Enterprises use digital intelligence to remove friction from processes & to enable the digital workforce to better understand the content

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Digital Intelligence: The Key to Every RPA Strategy:

As RPA requires a significant upfront investment in the planning and design phase, ABBYY Process Intelligence helps guide decision-making about which processes to automate, in all their permutations.

ABBYY delivers 100% process visibility based on your actual operational data, making it easy to identify the smartest opportunities for RPA. Next, ABBYY content intelligence expands the use and value of RPA by enabling digital workers with the skills and understanding to process content intelligently.

A Smarter, More Powerful Digital Enterprise:

Know, Understand, Plan, and Improve:

Utilize a data-driven approach to identify and prioritize the best processes for automation. Bridge the gap between process leaders and RPA developers with advanced insights.

Simplify and do More:

Use out-of-the-box cognitive skills to understand the content easily. Start automating based on process KPIs, data-supported ROI, and other analytical metrics.

ABBYY Digital Intelligence for Robotic Process Automation

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