A&T Telemedicine Solution

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A&T Telemedicine Solution

Empowers the doctor to reach patients in remote areas and perform complete testing, diagnosis, prescription, and reviews

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A&T has been leading the telemedicine path in India for approximately 15 years now. Based on years of experience, the A&T solution covers the complete gambit of telemedicine.

Our telemedicine platform enables hospitals to enroll doctors and patients into the system. Once in the system, doctors can connect to patients remotely and do a complete examination. The platform integrates with various medical devices so that readings are automatically relayed to the doctor in real-time.

This empowers the doctor to conduct a data-based consultation and make the right prescriptions. Simultaneously, the system records the patient’s data in a secure server that only the doctors and relevant patients can access. This makes future consultations easy to conduct since the entire medical record is available to the doctor at the fingertips.

A&T Telemedicine Solution