1st Provider's Choice Health Information Exchange

1st Providers Choice

1st Provider's Choice Health Information Exchange

Health information exchange is the transmission of clinical data

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

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Health information exchange (HIE) is the transmission of clinical data among disparate healthcare information systems according to national standards for interoperability, security and confidentiality. With more and more healthcare organizations transitioning to electronic health records versus paper charts, HIE is the logical next step to improving patient care coordination and treatment outcomes. The reason for this is that HIE makes it possible for health professionals to securely share and access patient information electronically, in order to improve the timeliness, quality, safety and efficiency of care.

Health information exchange can significantly improve the completeness of patients’ health records by making vital medical data, such as past medical history, family medical history, and past and current medications, available at each visit to all providers participating in the HIE. This greatly benefits providers and patients, as it allows for better care coordination.


  • Provide effective care, taking the patient’s full medical history into consideration

  • Make more accurate diagnoses

  • Reduce healthcare costs by avoiding duplicate treatments and tests

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary paperwork

  • Improve care plan management to avoid readmissions

  • Provide patients with resources to manage all aspects of their health

1st Provider's Choice Health Information Exchange

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