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1bios Chronic Care Management

1bios CCM automation tools make it easier to provide amazing virtual care

Virtual Care Chronic Care Management

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Improve your existing CCM program, or set yourself up to succeed if you’re just getting started. The session includes free tips on how to use CCM automation, analytics, and industry-leading benchmarks to increase revenue while improving outcomes.


Automate Virtual Care Time Tracking:

Ensure that every minute of non-face-to-face time providing care is automatically tracked by the patient, care provider, and task.

Provide Better Care:

Easily assign your (or our) state-of-the-art clinical care guides, get reminded for key events, and make it easy for everyone to follow the same plan.

Generate More Revenue:

Know instantly how many patients are billable in any time period and who is close to a billable event threshold.

1bios Chronic Care Management