Big Data Innovation Challenges and Solutions in Healthcare in 2023

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The ever-growing reliance on healthcare has become a vital reason for the significance of big data. Be it details on patients, location-based epidemics, or diseases, and organizations require efficient techniques to leverage such a massive volume of data.

Proper analysis of this asset is vital to predict pandemics and improve the overall quality of life. However, there are big data challenges in healthcare that brands need to consider.

In addition to understanding these challenges, it is also crucial to find pertinent solutions to overcome them. This blog elucidates how healthcare brands can implement technology to utilize big data efficiently.

Big Data Challenges in Healthcare

The know-how of big data risks and rewards in healthcare can help you plan practical ways to optimize your medical service. Let us start by understanding the challenges of big data in this section.

1. Data Collection and Management

As the name suggests, collecting big data through conventional means has become challenging. In addition, proper management of data has become tricky due to the following factors:

  • Data theft
  • Online malicious activities
  • Ransomware
  • Storage limitations

Such big data challenges in healthcare need proper solutions through the pertinent use of technology.

2. Data Privacy and Security

Big data faces the following challenges in terms of privacy and security:

  • Storage
  • Lack of security focus
  • Granular access control difficulties
  • Endpoint authenticity issues

So, proper technologies and cyber security measures are the need of the hour for healthcare organizations.

3. Data Integration and Standardization

Integrating data into your existing software has become difficult due to its high volume. In addition, it becomes difficult to receive authentic data due to variations in the sources.

Here are some of the evident challenges in this segment:

  • Ensuring high reliability and accuracy
  • Finding experienced big data technicians
  • Developing suitable workflows for data integration
  • Planning scalability for efficient processing

All these factors can hinder utilizing big data for offering relevant healthcare solutions.

4. Data Quality and Accuracy

Finally, the quality of big data is a massive concern. With several data providers in the market, it can be difficult to check the reliable ones. So, you can face challenges like missing information, redundant details, and inaccurate fields.

Such big data challenges in healthcare pose a direct impact on the end services of medical organizations.

Big Data Solutions in Healthcare

The benefits and challenges of big data in healthcare are interconnected. Once you understand suitable solutions, it is possible to overcome the issues. This section mentions the four top solutions in this sector.


1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Technology helps in organizing big data efficiently. Here are some of the main aspects of how machine learning and AI help overcome common challenges:

  • Data collection by using learning ability
  • Efficient analytics through optimum models

Such technologies identify patterns in data and create suitable models to arrange the results. This way, it becomes easier to utilize big data in a streamlined way.

2. Cloud Computing

Hardware virtualization is the main aspect of cloud computing that solves scalability and availability challenges.

Here are the three main facets of cloud computing as a solution for big data analytics:

  • Speed
  • High Capacity
  • Security

Healthcare organizations can use the resources of cloud solutions to make big data accessible and interchangeable. So, you do not need to use physical hardware for storing large chunks of data on-site.

3. Blockchain Technology

One of the main concerns in big data implementation is security and privacy. Blockchain technology offers a practical solution by using a decentralized consensus algorithm.

The decentralization makes it difficult for cyber-attackers to perform security breaches. Notably, blockchain integrates with the following technologies:

  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence

In addition, blockchain technology helps generate structured data as it ensures the generation of information through linked chains.

4. Natural Language Processing

Be it clinical trial data or patient information, natural language processing (NLP) can help evaluate the content more efficiently.

NLP has various methodologies that can help users understand big data profoundly. As a result, it becomes easier for businesses to extract data and correlate the information precisely.

Applications of Big Data in Healthcare


The big data challenges in healthcare can prove difficult to overcome initially. However, the right technologies can help you find pertinent solutions.

Additionally there are digital transformation trends that have opened the doors for more robust and accessible healthcare solutions.

After properly implementing big data, you can apply the analytical information for the following healthcare applications.

Predictive Analytics

In simple terms, predictive analytics implies the use of data to make future predictions. This way, you can streamline operations and obtain actionable insights.

Such utility can help gain healthcare brands that use big data an edge over their competitors.

Personalized Medicine

Big data is useful in biomedical research. How?

Insights like biomarkers, patient genetic information, and miscellaneous aspects can help scientists develop customized drugs. This way, it is possible to leverage big data for various drug discoveries and tailor-made therapies.

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Clinicians can use big data to develop cognitive strategies for making key healthcare decisions. Information like health data, pandemic severity, and others can offer insights for preparing robust clinical decision support systems.

So, overcoming big data challenges in healthcare can open this crucial medical avenue.

Population Health Management

Decision-makers can analyze the state of diseases, nutrition, and hereditary ailments in a certain population.

Big data allows detailed assessment of a specific population age group. This way, preventing the spread of certain contagious diseases and planning relevant medications becomes possible.

Case Studies: Successful Implementation of Big Data in Healthcare

One of the best examples of big data implementation is Intel’s cloud solution for predictive analysis. The team used cloud computing to streamline workflows and create an ergonomic web-based module.

The result of the implementation was establishing a model that predicts emergency department visits to hospitals. During the preparation phase, the team used several variables to create an accurate model that generates results.

Another prime example of big data implementation in healthcare is that of the University of Florida. This educational institute used Google Maps to inform experts about primary care in a specific area. The model used population and disease data to identify the top-priority areas for medical attention.


The model generates heated areas so the team can divert their resources as per requirement. Overall, such examples are a testament to big data’s useful implementation in healthcare.

Future Directions and Conclusion

Big data holds the key to optimizing healthcare organizations. It can offer invaluable insights to perform predictive analytics and design fool-proof medical treatments.

Notably, you can overcome big data challenges in healthcare with efficient digital solutions. Machine learning, AI, NPL, blockchain, and cloud computing are suitable technologies for solving big data issues.

In the future, you can witness analysts creating software that helps patients prevent certain diseases. Also, big data can improve lifestyle and offer insights on elevating overall well-being.

Clara Beck

Clara Beck

Clara Beck is a Business Manager with 8 years of experience at Thomson Data based out of Plano, Texas. She helps SMBs and Enterprise firms take full advantage of the latest marketing tools to scale up their business. She blogs about Small businesses, Marketing, CX, Entrepreneurship, Big Data, and, other technological innovations. Connect with Clara on LinkedIn and Twitter to learn how to win more leads.

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