Best Hospitals For Prostate Cancer Worldwide

Prostate cancer is one of the predominant oncology ailments. About 1.6 million new cases are registered annually worldwide. However, the number of cured men is also increasing. Rapid medical progress allows early detection and treatment of illness as effectively as possible. 

The best prostate cancer hospitals in Europe and the US are represented in the AiroMedical ranking, a platform dedicated to searching for unique therapy methods. When compiling the top list of hospitals, criteria such as the range of services, highly specialized oncologists, the scientific and technical base, patients’ comfort level, and their feedback were considered.

Criteria for selecting the best hospitals for prostate cancer

A wide selection of prostate cancer clinics puts patients and their families in front of the problem: which one should I prefer? We will help you to understand the variety of offers.

To choose a hospital in another country, you must study all the details carefully. Therefore, we have collected a complete dossier of leading cancer centers on the AiroMedical portal for your convenience.

Choosing a hospital should focus on the following:

  • Accreditation of national and international organizations. To obtain such documents, the clinic undergoes a large number of inspections. They guarantee a high quality of service.
  • Range of procedures and equipment. The more modern the medical equipment, the more effective and safer prostate cancer treatment.
  • Therapy success rate. Data on the procedures performed and their effectiveness strongly influence the choice of a particular hospital.
  • Available service. The more services a medical center provides, the more likely the patient will choose it. For example, accommodation of relatives, airport transfers, and availability of an interpreter – issues that must be discussed with the clinic before arrival. 
  • Info on oncologists. No matter how good the clinic’s reputation is, the health and life of a patient are entrusted to a specific doctor. Therefore, it is essential to find all the details about him (specialization, the number, and success of operations, scientific publications, awards, etc.).

Top hospitals for prostate cancer in the United States 

In the list of hospitals in the US, the best ones in prostate cancer treatment:

Benefits of medical treatment in the US

The main advantages of prostate cancer treatment in the US:

  • Oncologist professionalism. Many of them are international experts. 
  • The latest developments immediately become part of the care standard. Nanotechnology, CyberKnife, radioembolization, and freezing make staying in hospitals in the US the most effective.
  • Clear pricing. The patient always understands what he pays for and how much each procedure or operation costs.

Top hospitals for prostate cancer in Europe

List of hospitals in Europe, the flagships for prostate cancer:

Benefits of medical treatment in Europe 

Here, prostate cancer is gradually turning from a deadly disease into a chronic illness you can live with for decades. The reason for that:

  • Most advanced approaches. Here patients undergo minimally invasive surgeries and radiotherapy and are treated using ultrasound equipment, cryosurgery methods, etc.
  • European specialists have extensive experience treating malignant tumors — many have specialized in the world’s leading clinics, have academic degrees, and are well-known in the professional environment.
  • Strict quality standards. Only a medical institution that meets all the criteria can receive a certificate.

Top hospitals for prostate cancer in Poland

All specialized hospitals in Poland demonstrate the highest level of medical care and have a well-deserved status of reputable medical institutions:

Benefits of medical treatment in Poland

Advantages of prostate cancer treatment in Poland:

  • Widespread use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, such as laparoscopic and robot-assisted prostatectomy.
  • A personalized oncotherapy program is developed for each patient, which best meets his needs and health status.
  • A multidisciplinary team of specialists (oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, urologists, etc.) works with the patient.

Top hospitals for prostate cancer in Italy

List of hospitals in Italy that are progressive in using modern methods of prostate cancer treatment:

Benefits of medical treatment in Italy

Patients who have been treated in Italy note several advantages:

  • Uniqueness. Doctors use methods recognized worldwide, including developments with no analogs in medical practice. 
  • Decent level of staff training. Experienced doctors from all countries work here, using the most advanced equipment. 
  • High result. Clinics in Italy show good results and give high chances to save lives and defeat the deadly disease forever.

Top hospitals for prostate cancer in Germany

The most successful specialized cancer hospitals in Germany:

Benefits of medical treatment in Germany

It is worth seeking help from German specialists for several reasons:

  • Germany is one of the five countries where 80% of all scientific research is carried out, including developing new therapies and new drugs.
  • A large percentage of effectiveness has been achieved in the fight against prostate cancer. 
  • Control of pricing policy by the state.

Best prostate cancer doctors worldwide

The world leaders of oncourology enjoy special attention from patients:

Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Dresel

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Stief

Prof. Dr. Tarik Esen

Prof. Dr. med. Michael Stockle

Prof. Dr. med. Markus Hohenfellner

Prof. Dr. med. Manfred Beer

Best treatment solutions for treating prostate cancer

The treatment plan is compiled by an interdisciplinary team of doctors based on the patient’s general condition, concomitant diseases, and age. Here we will mention only some of the methods that leading cancer centers successfully use:

  • Brachytherapy. The radiation source is placed directly in the tumor tissue, acting more directionally, with a success rate of 90% of cases.
  • HIFU-therapy involves the fight against the tumor using ultrasound waves of different lengths. Ultrasound is placed in the rectum. The technique helps to defeat prostate cancer in 61%-95% of cases.
  • Lutetium-177 PSMA therapy. The drug is delivered directly to the tumor tissue, creating a significant concentration and killing more than 50% of cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy, in which the patient is injected with antibodies similar to those produced by the body in the fight against the tumor.
  • DaVinci robotic surgery. Performing operations with jewelry precision. As a result, On average, 98% of men are still alive ten years after surgery, while 75% of men have no signs of relapse (increased PSA levels).

How to get treatment in the best hospitals for prostate cancer

It often happens that after a diagnosis, a person is lost in a massive amount of information about the disease itself and where and how it can be cured. With many years of treatment organizing experience, our medical coordinators will help you quickly and competently draw up an individual prostate cancer treatment program.

Sometimes, a patient requires unique experimental treatment, which can be obtained only in a few hospitals worldwide. Thanks to direct contacts with clinics, AiroMedical will choose the best doctors and treatment options for you. Furthermore, after discharge from the hospital, we do not leave patients alone with questions. After returning home, you will contact the clinic’s doctors and receive remote consultations.


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