How Nebraska Medicine used AI to reduce first-year nurse turnover by nearly 50%

How Nebraska Medicine used AI to reduce first-year nurse turnover by nearly 50%

The accomplishment puts the health system in a better position to attract and retain the talent that is so critical to its ability to serve its patients, says its VP of operations.

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According to data from the National Library of Medicine, nearly 18% of new nurses leave their jobs within the first year.


Nebraska Medicine, an academic health system committed to providing exceptional care in Omaha and beyond, faced a common issue among healthcare organizations: retaining frontline staff, especially first-year nurses.

"Our frontline leaders and their teams were feeling the strain, with increased burnout becoming apparent," said Kelly Vaughn, Vice President of Operations at Nebraska Medicine. "We recognized the need to support our frontline leaders better while enhancing engagement and retention among our frontline staff, ultimately strengthening our workforce and employer brand."


Nebraska Medicine prioritized supporting frontline leaders by implementing strategies to alleviate administrative burdens and foster meaningful connections with their teams. Recognizing the limitations of existing solutions, the organization turned to technology for assistance.

"The Laudio platform emerged as a comprehensive solution designed to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and provide actionable insights tailored to frontline leaders," Vaughn explained. "Its integration capabilities allowed us to consolidate data from various systems, offering leaders a centralized hub for managing their teams."

The platform empowered leaders to act on opportunities for recognition, support, and intervention efficiently, enhancing their ability to engage with team members.


With a user-friendly web-based interface, the platform was swiftly integrated into Nebraska Medicine's operations.

"Within weeks, our frontline leaders were equipped with the tools to oversee over 5,000 team members," Vaughn noted. "The platform's AI-driven recommendations enabled leaders to proactively address issues and recognize achievements, leading to more meaningful interactions with their teams."

By consolidating data from disparate sources, the platform simplified workflows and provided valuable insights to leaders, facilitating proactive intervention to prevent burnout and disengagement.


Nebraska Medicine witnessed significant improvements in leader-team interactions and a notable decrease in first-year nurse turnover.

"Since adopting the Laudio platform, our leaders have initiated over 27,000 personalized interactions with team members," Vaughn reported. "Moreover, we achieved a nearly 50% reduction in first-year nurse turnover compared to the previous year, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach."

The organization's investment in empowering frontline leaders and enhancing engagement has strengthened its ability to attract and retain talented staff members, ultimately benefiting patient care.


Vaughn emphasized the importance of understanding frontline leaders' workflows and selecting technology that addresses specific challenges.

"Choose a solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and offers actionable insights rather than just presenting data," she advised. "Prioritize platforms designed specifically for frontline leaders, ensuring they align with organizational goals and have a proven track record of success."

By prioritizing user-centric solutions tailored to frontline needs, healthcare organizations can effectively support their teams and achieve better outcomes.

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