Cleveland Clinic's advice for AI success: democratizing innovation, upskilling talent and more

Cleveland Clinic's advice for AI success: democratizing innovation, upskilling talent and more

The health system's chief analytics officer discusses creating a rigorous data quality program for reliable and actionable insights, and the importance of developing an innovation ecosystem.

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The healthcare industry is grappling with how to effectively harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve patient care and operational efficiency. According to Albert Marinez, chief analytics officer at Cleveland Clinic, provider organizations must focus on several key strategies to leverage AI successfully:

Build a strong data foundation: Establishing a robust data platform is essential for AI to sift through vast amounts of data and uncover insights. This involves ensuring data quality, transitioning to cloud-based platforms for scalability, and fostering an agile culture to adapt to new technologies.

Create a data and AI innovation ecosystem: Engage with industry innovators to validate opportunities and accelerate outcomes. Prioritize solutions that address concrete challenges, are ethically grounded, and have demonstrated efficacy within healthcare settings.

Activate the organization: Encourage every caregiver to engage with AI by prioritizing education and awareness, identifying high-value use cases, and fostering internal innovation within the organization.

Upskill and bring in new talent: Implement comprehensive talent strategies focusing on upskilling current staff, reskilling those in evolving roles, and attracting new talent versed in emerging technologies like AI and data analytics.

Cleveland Clinic is focusing on these strategies to drive innovation and improve patient care while setting a benchmark in adopting and applying AI in healthcare.

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