Collecting data to improve the primary healthcare system in Nigeria

Collecting data to improve the primary healthcare system in Nigeria

Nigeria is trialing new data collection methods to track patient behaviors and disease prevalence to improve their primary healthcare system.

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Nigeria is implementing new data collection methods to strengthen its primary healthcare system and enhance patient access to healthcare professionals, medicines, and diagnostic services. With a population of 220 million and over 30,000 primary healthcare facilities, the country faces challenges due to a doctor-to-patient ratio of 1:10,000. Leveraging purpose-built hardware and evolving regulatory frameworks, Nigeria aims to generate richer datasets to address gaps in healthcare provision.

The use of durable hardware, including e-ink tablets and stylus pens, enables healthcare providers to capture longitudinal data offline, which is later synced to the cloud. This approach facilitates the use of digital innovations like reference treatment guidelines and telemedicine calls, enhancing data accuracy and patient care.

Nigeria's evolving regulatory landscape, including the establishment of the Nigerian Data Protection Commission and implementation of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation, ensures data security and privacy. By developing trusted research environments, Nigeria aims to attract clinical research initiatives, leveraging de-identified and connected health data from various sources.

Data collection efforts aim to improve grassroots access to healthcare professionals by mapping patient traffic patterns to primary healthcare centers. This enables the deployment of healthcare professionals where they are most needed and prioritizes services according to demand. Furthermore, pharma-tech innovations and epidemiological data analysis enhance patient access to medicines and diagnostics, optimizing supply chains and preventing shortages.

Unlocking clinical trial recruitment requires accessible real-world data within Trusted Research Environments, which Nigeria is advancing through data aggregation and analysis. With access to millions of health records, Nigeria's efforts aim to improve healthcare delivery and drive innovation in clinical research.

Overall, Nigeria's initiatives in data collection and regulation signal promising advancements in healthcare delivery. These innovative methods may serve as a model for other nations seeking to enhance their healthcare systems.

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