7 Things To Expect From AI In Healthcare This Year

7 Things To Expect From AI In Healthcare This Year

We'll see broader integration of AI into various aspects of healthcare, from patient care to diagnostics, changing how healthcare services are delivered

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In the context of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, The Medical Futurist offers seven predictions for 2024:

Generative AI Platforms in Healthcare: Generative AI, particularly in patient management and chatbots, is expected to gain trust in 2024 as major healthcare and tech companies launch platforms designed for patients, transforming doctor-patient communication.

Specialized AI for Medical Purposes: Predicts the emergence of generative AI algorithms designed specifically for medical purposes, replacing general-purpose models like ChatGPT in the healthcare industry. Examples include MedPaLM by Google/DeepMind.

Multimodal Large Language Models (M-LLMs) for Hospitals: Anticipates the arrival of M-LLMs in healthcare systems, capable of processing and interpreting various data types simultaneously, marking a significant departure from current unimodal AI systems.

AI Digital Twins: Expects AI digital twins, or deepfake avatars, to evolve rapidly, finding substantial use in creating educational materials for healthcare professionals and improving access to content and care for patients in their own languages.

Over 1000 FDA-Approved AI-Based Medical Devices: Foresees a significant milestone with the number of FDA-approved AI-based medical devices surpassing a thousand, reflecting the rapid advancement of AI and machine learning in healthcare.

Influx of AI Tools for Patients: Predicts a surge in AI tools designed specifically for patients, covering applications such as analyzing lab tests, summarizing wearable data, and providing nutritional advice.

Teaching Prompt Engineering at Medical Universities: Acknowledges the growing importance of prompt engineering, predicting it to become a subject taught at forward-looking medical universities. Prompt engineering involves formulating inputs strategically to elicit desired responses from AI models, especially crucial for interacting efficiently with generative AI.

The article highlights the transformative changes AI is bringing to healthcare and outlines key trends and developments expected in 2024.

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