AI innovator talks personalized treatment, telehealth enhancement and ethics

AI innovator talks personalized treatment, telehealth enhancement and ethics

Dr. Renee Dua, founder of Together by Renee, a healthcare assistant app that uses generative artificial intelligence, also offers an in-depth look at how the AI in her app can help patients and their caregivers.

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The article discusses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing healthcare delivery, focusing on the Together by Renee app created by Dr. Renee Dua. The app utilizes generative AI to assist aging Americans and their caregivers in managing treatment, medication, and daily healthcare. Dr. Dua highlights the capabilities of AI in creating personalized treatment plans by analyzing vast medical data, predicting health risks, and enabling proactive care.

In terms of telemedicine, AI is seen as a driving force for innovation. It can enhance diagnostic accuracy, personalize patient experiences, streamline administrative tasks, and provide 24/7 support through chatbots and virtual assistants. The expected outcomes include improved healthcare delivery, better patient engagement, and a reduction in the burden on healthcare providers.

Dr. Dua emphasizes the ethical considerations associated with AI in healthcare, such as privacy, data security, transparency in algorithmic decision-making, and the potential for biases in AI algorithms. She calls for clear guidelines on accountability to protect patients' rights and ensure recourse in case of errors or malpractice. According to her, AI should currently be used in a supportive role alongside healthcare professionals.

Together by Renee is described as a health app that leverages generative AI to simplify and enhance healthcare task management, particularly for aging adults, individuals with chronic diseases, and their caregivers. The app uses innovative approaches like measuring vital signs through selfies, detecting early symptoms of mental health issues through voice recognition, and building health profiles through scanning pill bottles. The app aims to unify healthcare aspects, from vitals monitoring to mental health detection, into one platform, potentially benefiting the millions of Americans dealing with chronic diseases and their caregivers.

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