Best Of CES 2024: From Medical Tricorders To AI-Powered Mirrors

Best Of CES 2024: From Medical Tricorders To AI-Powered Mirrors

From medical tricorders to advanced sleep tech, smart rings, and AI-powered mental health tools, here are the most interesting novelties of CES 2024

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, a major global tech event in Vegas, is showcasing various groundbreaking technologies across different industries. The focus here is on the digital health and the future of medicine, highlighting several exciting innovations:

Withings' Medical Tricorder:

  • Withings introduced BeamO, a 4-in-1 health monitor resembling a medical tricorder from Star Trek.
  • The device measures vital health data, including body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and incorporates ECG and digital stethoscope functionalities.
  • Priced at USD/EUR 250, it awaits FDA clearance for widespread use.

Sleep Technology:

  • Sleep technology is a major highlight, with companies like DeRUCCI, Amira Health, and Anssil showcasing futuristic products.
  • Innovations include smart mattresses tracking sleep patterns, anti-snore pillows for sleep apnea mitigation, AI-powered sleep monitors for tailored analyses, and mattresses with adjustable air supports.

Telemedicine Solutions:

  • Humetrix introduced SOSQR, an AI-based platform translating medical terms into over 20 languages, aiming to overcome language barriers in global health communication.
  • electronRx presents foneDx, turning smartphones into home health monitors for real-time data on heart and lung health, empowering patients and healthcare professionals.

Smart Rings:

  • Companies like Amazfit, Moravano, and Umeox are introducing smart rings with health metrics capabilities, including heart rate, sleep patterns, and claimed blood glucose level measurements.

Advanced Tech for Mental Health:

  • NoWatch's "awareables" combine smartwatches with generative AI, providing personalized daily recaps and stress resilience tips.
  • Baracoda's BMind Smart Mirror uses AI and natural language processing to boost self-esteem and mood, offering mental wellness techniques.

In-door Sport Tech:

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) unveiled iGolfPutter, an AI-driven technology for indoor golf enthusiasts, offering detailed analysis and immersive virtual courses.

Other Innovations:

  • Abbott will showcase Lingo, a biowearable designed to help users lead a lower glucose life.
  • Laifen presents an ultra-efficient electric toothbrush using oscillation and vibration, claiming three times higher brushing efficiency.

CES 2024 continues to be a platform for groundbreaking technologies, particularly in the digital health and future medicine sectors, showcasing diverse and innovative solutions.

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