How people with hearing difficulties found support from a ChatGPT-powered business record-keeping tool

How people with hearing difficulties found support from a ChatGPT-powered business record-keeping tool

An automotive manufacturer in Japan has transformed its speech-to-text mobile app to an audio recognition system to help alleviate barriers in communication.

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Aisin Corporation in Japan, a Toyota-affiliated automotive components manufacturer, initially developed the YYProbe mobile app as a speech-to-text tool for business record-keeping. During the pandemic, employees with hearing impairments found it useful, leading to the development of the YYSystem. This system, enhanced in collaboration with Microsoft using ChatGPT technology and Azure AI Translator, assists individuals with hearing difficulties, the elderly, and foreigners in overcoming communication barriers. The YYSystem is deployed on countertop screens at government departments and retail stores in Japan, with plans for use at the 2025 Deaflympics in Tokyo. Aisin aims to expand the system's capabilities using generative AI, allowing users to input and generate pictures, videos, and graphs. The free YYProbe app boasts over 10,000 monthly users and has an enterprise version. Generative AI, including applications like YYSystem, is increasingly prevalent in healthcare, with the healthcare generative AI market projected to reach $22 billion by 2032. Users, such as those with Auditory Processing Disorder, praise the app for improving understanding, especially in critical situations like understanding medical information during COVID-19 hospitalizations.


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