The Ins and Outs of Healthcare Communication Platforms

The Ins and Outs of Healthcare Communication Platforms

Communication is the key to making anything work - including your organization. But when dealing with all of the many things that providers do and the highly important health information about patients, something as simple as selecting a communication platform becomes a very tricky situation. What's the best way for providers to coordinate the many different areas and people they have to handle?

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Here are the key points about communication platforms in healthcare based on the information provided:

  • Communication platforms enable better care coordination by allowing providers to collaborate more efficiently and share information in real-time. Integrating systems like EHRs and leveraging AI can provide additional context to aid decision-making.
  • Consolidating platforms can streamline operations, reduce costs, improve security, and enhance collaboration. Organizations should assess workflow needs, redundancies, ease of use, scalability, security, and interoperability when choosing a consolidated platform.
  • Security and privacy are critical when handling protected health information (PHI). Measures like encryption, access controls, audit trails, HIPAA compliance, employee training, and business associate agreements should be implemented.
  • Direct secure messaging allows for the secure transmission of PHI between providers for purposes like referrals and care transitions. Its widespread use demonstrates its importance in modern healthcare communication.
  • An omnichannel approach using email, text, apps, social media, etc. allows for a more patient-centric focus on communication versus a billing-centric one.

In summary, healthcare organizations must balance efficient communication and collaboration with stringent security and compliance when evaluating and implementing communication platforms. Assessing their specific needs and workflows is key to choosing the right platform(s).

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