To Drive Value, EHRs Need to Actually be Usable

To Drive Value, EHRs Need to Actually be Usable

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have historically served multiple purposes, but they often neglected the needs of clinicians, leading to reduced productivity and strained patient-physician relationships. This lack of usability results in excessive data entry, complicating workflows and diminishing the valuable time clinicians should spend with patients. However, in 2023, there's an opportunity to make EHRs truly user-centric and customizable, providing an efficient, personalized hub of information for various healthcare professionals, from physicians to billers. Achieving EHR usability requires a streamlined and customizable user interface, simplified user experiences, and voice-driven interactions. It should empower clinicians and staff while optimizing patient-centric workflows and supporting value-based care through a compliance dashboard. EHRs should have been designed to serve the needs of all users from the start, focusing on driving better outcomes, value, and performance for everyone.

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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have often failed to meet the needs of clinicians and have been a source of burnout, designed primarily for billing and payer requirements rather than clinician usability. In 2023, there's an opportunity to transform EHRs into user-centric, personalized hubs that cater to the needs of various healthcare professionals. Achieving EHR usability involves streamlining the user interface, making it customizable, and focusing on principles like user centricity, patient centricity, clinician-driven design, voice-driven interactions, click relief, and supporting value-based care. These changes aim to make EHRs truly usable for everyone, improving outcomes and performance across the healthcare landscape.

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