The untold struggles patients face with resident doctors

The untold struggles patients face with resident doctors

Patients often feel uneasy with resident doctors due to sleep deprivation, lack of attentiveness, and the belief that doctors are not interchangeable, leading to concerns about the quality of their care and the disregard for patients' feelings in the learning process. They are quite simple to find. The shadows under their eyes or the clean, new lab coat can sometimes be the cause. On their ID badge, it is frequently stated in bold characters. Another tell is if the badge is obscured. They typically claim to be "working with" my doctor while they are trying to hide their presence, as if I am unable to understand what that entails. You are now, in my opinion, a vital part of the clinic because I see you frequently at the office of my immunologist. Any resident who requests to learn more about my case history can. I'll let them check me out. I'll respond to inquiries. If they want to remain in the exam room's corner and listen in on my talk with my doctor in silence, that's fine. Patients may face several struggles when being treated by resident doctors, which can include:

  • Limited experience: Resident doctors are still in training and may have limited experience treating certain conditions, which can result in misdiagnosis or delayed treatment.
  • Time constraints: Residents are often required to see a high volume of patients, which can result in shorter appointment times and less time to thoroughly discuss symptoms and treatment options.
  • Lack of continuity: Residents often rotate through different departments or services, which can result in a lack of continuity in care and patients having to explain their medical history to different doctors.
  • Communication barriers: Residents may not have developed effective communication skills or have limited language proficiency, which can make it difficult for patients to understand their diagnosis or treatment plan.
  • Supervision: While residents are supervised by attending physicians, there is always a risk of errors or missteps in treatment plans due to inexperience or lack of oversight.

It is important to note that not all patients may experience these struggles with resident doctors, and many residents provide excellent care to their patients. However, these are some of the potential challenges that patients may encounter when being treated by resident doctors.

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