How Chatbots Can Be the Next Best Thing in Healthcare

How Chatbots Can Be the Next Best Thing in Healthcare

Healthcare facilities today are struggling with serious personnel issues. According to official data published earlier this year, there are staffing shortages in nearly 19% of American hospitals. Nurses and doctors have deserted hospitals and healthcare centres due to the risky, high-stress conditions, which are mostly caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. More recently, the U.S. saw decisions and changes that may have an impact on a person's access to healthcare, raising questions and worries from patients. Healthcare administrations are already overburdened, so businesses must embrace smart technologies to enhance patient care while also enabling experienced professionals to devote more of their time and energy to situations that necessitate their entire range of skills. 

  1. Virtual Assistance for Patients: Chatbots can provide patients with 24/7 access to healthcare information, answer common questions, and even book appointments.

  2. Symptom Checking: Chatbots can help patients identify their symptoms and provide advice on the next steps to take, such as seeking medical attention or self-care.

  3. Medication Reminders: Chatbots can remind patients to take their medication, refill prescriptions, and schedule follow-up appointments with their healthcare providers.

  4. Clinical Trials Matching: Chatbots can assist patients in finding and enrolling in clinical trials that match their medical history and conditions.

  5. Health Monitoring: Chatbots can collect and analyze data from wearable devices and track a patient's health over time, alerting healthcare providers of any concerning changes.

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