Just A Chatbot And You: What Does A Perfect Day Look Like?

Just A Chatbot And You: What Does A Perfect Day Look Like?

We imagined how a day could go down in the company of the technology that will know you best in the future: an artificial intelligence-based little digital assistant, your very personal chatbot. This way, you could also get enough time to have a shower and prepare for the day with a healthy breakfast,” said the chitty-chatty device in a tone resembling mostly Alice’s mom. After Alice wiped her eyes to fully wake up and started to comprehend what the chatbot is telling her, she moved out of bed and took a shower. Before her commands left her lips, the chatbot already calculated that this will be one of her requests – as it is part of her morning routine – and the skillful mechanic creature already calibrated the perfect amount of local, international, and entertaining news for her perfectly adjusted to her taste and interest. After months of analysis, it turned out that it’s healthier for Alice not to eat gluten for breakfast, as her stomach would be more in tune with the universe without bread in the early hours, thus the chatbot recommended yoghurt, gluten-free cereals, and some fruits.

Alice happily took the choice and she smiled feeling that her day had started off very well. Every time she wanted to leave running out of her day, the chatbot would figure out a treasure hunt for her. Of course, for other people, it would have been enough to tell how great the weather is outside for a run, how much better the brain works after a round around the block, and how well the runner performs, but the chatbot was aware that had never worked so far with Alice, that’s why it had to change its strategy. She was practically in love with the little digital assistant that could tell perfectly timed jokes, what to eat for breakfast, and what movie to watch based on her recent mood and taste in movies. Since she decided to purchase the digital assistant, her almighty chatbot, she has had the most balanced and most meticulously calculated days in her life. She told the chatbot to order one, but the digital assistant pointed out how many calories it contains and what negative effects it could have on her mood and health in the long run.

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