River Valley Counseling Center Boosts Productivity and Experience with Telehealth

River Valley Counseling Center Boosts Productivity and Experience with Telehealth

River Valley counseling Center's Holyoke Clinic in Holyoke, Massachusetts, always was trying to make ends meet with its technology. "At the onset of COVID, while many organizations and communities were able to transition seamlessly to virtual learning and working in order to continue their work, River Valley counseling Center's Holyoke Clinic was not set up for this abrupt move to technology. "With all this in mind, River Valley counseling Center needed to receive the equipment, infrastructure and IT counsel necessary to support its people in our Holyoke location both in person and via telehealth."

"To be able to hold a telehealth session without hang-ups not only allows River Valley's medical providers to more effectively address their clients' needs, by eliminating disruptions, they're gaining credibility and the ability to treat more people on a daily basis," he added. "The strategy was informed by the mindset that having the best technology was the most effective way to maximize productivity for River Valley and its counselors," he said.

With River Valley's considerations in mind, Intel prioritized implementing more modernized devices and hardware that provided an opportunity to update core infrastructures, Kimrey said. "When we work with organizations like River Valley, we start with understanding what their unique challenges are, who is impacted and what they need to accomplish in their daily work," he continued. "Insight also has the ability to provide virtual IT support for day-to-day management of the health of the devices, which frees up organizations with limited internal IT resources, such as River Valley counseling Center, to focus on more meaningful transformative projects," Moss said.

"For River Valley, they've gained the ability to quickly provide new devices to their staff that are ready to go with the applications they need," he added. The technology addressed a loss of productivity and slowness for River Valley counseling Center, which impacted the quality of services it was able to provide. River Valley counseling Center now is able to get a better foothold to help and serve the community. This technology has helped River Valley counseling Center put the resources in the hands of clients. River Valley works on these computers while seeing a patient in person, and staff are able to help provide resources like databases, printed materials and more for the patients.

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