The Next Healthcare Moves Of Tech Giants

The Next Healthcare Moves Of Tech Giants

Here are our bets on what tech giants will do next as part of their journey into the healthcare space, one rational expectation for each of them.

This newest episode of non-healthcare mammoth companies and tech giants’ march into the health business made us think about what others will do next. Through Apple Watch, the company has built an excellent pathway to electronic health records, too. Apple’s Health app aims to bridge patients and doctors, and all the data in-between. Seamlessly sharing patient healthcare data from an Apple device to an EMR and this being viewable by a doctor or caregiver represent a major step in facilitating digital health approaches. The company entered the healthcare market later than its competitors but is working on acquiring a significant share, if its recent moves offer any indication. Predicting their next move, we bet on Apple focusing on consumer tech and expanding Apple Watch sensor functions with blood pressure and blood glucose level monitoring through the existing hardware. Watson Health, IBM’s A.I. healthcare arm has met considerable challenges in recent years. The company invested considerable resources into Watson Health, and parting with the project gave ground to widespread speculations about whether it will be the end of the company’s healthcare affairs. Although in recent years, its glory in innovation has faded, we think this is not the end of the IBM in healthcare story. On the contrary, Amazon Care, the company’s telehealth branch is now available nationwide in the US, while the company has recently launched in-person care in 20 cities.

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